• White Light House Healing

Human Spirit Release / Entity (Ghost) Removal

If you are experiencing paranormal activities in your home, then you are probably hosting one or more spirits that are making their presence known to you.

Much of the time, ghosts try to get your attention in the hope that you can help them crossover into the Light.

A darker entity or demon may try to frighten and anger you, to develop the kind of negative environment that they thrive on.

Whatever spirit is present is in effect providing you an opportunity to experience the paranormal firsthand in an unambiguous manner.

If you have ghosts (human spirits) in your home they can manifest noticeable activity in many ways.

Here are some examples:

  • Items being thrown.
  • Sounds such as murmuring voices, footsteps, running, unusual banging noises.
  • Fragrances such as flowers, aftershave, and perfume, cigar / pipe / cigarette smoke.
  • Cold spots, faint touches or caresses that produce goosebumps or a chill down your back, fleeting or sustained visual manifestations.
  • Manipulation of light switches, faucets and electronic devices; small items can be thrown or knocked off shelves.

Ghost (human spirit) activity versus demonic activity.

Demons can produce the same types of issues as human spirits, only much more pronounced. If the activity in your home is of a demonic origin, the manifestations will be much more profound, aggressive and sinister in tone.

Some examples are:

  • Thuds and bangs can be very loud, clear voices may be heard by one or more family members, sounds (like doorbells, firecrackers, music or just about anything) can be produced without an explainable source.
  • Odors can be produced that are not pleasant, in fact putrid, without an explainable source.
  • Manipulation of electronic items can be more sophisticated and obtrusive, computers and phones can be interrupted or put out of service, and cars can develop sudden and unexpected maintenance interruptions.
  • Object manipulation can include movement of furniture, disappearance or movement of important items causing severe inconvenience, sudden insect infiltrations, items being violently thrown or knocked over creating potential injury or danger.
  • Moods within the home can be manipulated to produce depression, anger and uncharacteristic behaviors.
  • Physical attacks can occur, such as being held down in bed and choked, a feeling of having the chills. Uncontrollable energy attacks can cause severe vibrations and pains throughout the body.
  • Voices can taunt and confuse you, mental and physical illnesses can be mimicked.
  • Dark humanoid forms or dark gaseous clouds can be manifested and seen in the home, and are often connected with the other types of manifestation.
  • One or more family members can have their personality totally displaced for periods of time and be compelled to conduct detrimental behaviors, without having any memory of the episode, or they may remember but feel like they had been controlled against their conscious will.

For more information about demonic activity : (see Exorcism)

Spirit Release: why should I remove spirits if they aren’t bothering me?

There are several reasons to help spirits move on from the earth plane, even if they seem benign. Most of the spirits we may encounter are confused, and don’t know how to move on. They are relying on somebody to help them. That somebody is you. If you are aware of their presence, then realize that you can help them reach a place of greater joy.

Paul says, “I wish more people could experience the elation that these spirits feel when they head into the light. Some are so excited they run or fly into the Light. Many stop and ask me to pass on their gratitude to the person who has arranged for me to come. So know that your concern, effort and expense are rewarded by the feeling that you helped bring joy to one or more souls. You can see it as being a test of unconditional love that has been arranged for you to act on or not. If you believe that the spirit around you is a deceased relative, the feeling of having helped them reach greater joy should be even more rewarding for you.”

Spirit release is a blessing for these souls.

There is another important reason to remove friendly spirits. Often when you have one or more friendly spirits, they attract a more dominant spirit into the home that may not be so friendly. These aggressive spirits are more likely to be annoying, and sometimes even become threatening.

Keep in mind that younger children are much more sensitive to spirit. If you are sensing a spirit in your house, then it is likely that your children sense them also and could even be interacting with them

Sometimes an aggressive spirit is cunning, and uses the benign spirits to mask or cover their activities, or simply acts friendly itself so as not to provoke you to remove it. This makes it difficult to know what kind of influences they are creating within your home. It may appear to you that there is simply a harmless spirit sharing your house with you, when it could end up being much worse. There is little point in taking the risk of allowing any spirits to share your home with you.

Entity / ghost removal procedure.

Paul uses the same procedure whether he physically comes to your home or works remotely.

In a meditative state, he travels astrally to the location. He then approaches the human spirit/spirits, puts his arms around them, raises their level of energy vibration, and transports them into the Light.

After the spirits are cleared, Paul expands the White Light to encompass the entire property, to complete the cleansing. He then repeats this process using Golden Light, which promotes happiness and joy.

There are some more aggressive spirits (human and non-human) that don’t leave willingly. When a spirit will not clear, this lets Paul know that there is a karmic lesson attached to someone in that home that needs to be resolved. Anytime there is a demon involved, a simple clearing will not be sufficient. For some people, demonic activity can be cleared through “conventional” means such as clergy or spiritual practitioners. Conventional exorcism focuses on removing the entity with little true understanding of why it is there. Paul concentrates on resolving the underlying root cause of why the demon is there in the first place and can guide clients through a process of consciousness growth that will eliminate the entity’s purpose for being there.

Paul conducts personal exorcisms in much the same way, but this type of clearing can only be accomplished over time and with extensive work and involvement on the part of the client.

Why are you experiencing these spirits in your life?

We each have life lessons that we came here to learn, and spirits that are manifesting in your life do so for some teaching purpose. The purpose can be major or minor, obtrusive or subtle. Sometimes a lesson seems very obvious, and other times only God knows why you had to experience something.

In most cases involving benign human spirits, whatever growth the universe wants you to achieve is completed when you have Paul clear the spirits. The job is complete.

If there is a demonic presence, the nature of the growth is much more complex and requires a much greater commitment from the client. (see Exorcism)

In 2003, Paul was stationed in Hawaii, when his secretary asked him if he could do something about a poltergeist that was in her sister’s apartment.

He says, “That evening, I sent my consciousness to her apartment and found the poltergeist in the living room next to the television. He was standing in a wardrobe with only the top half of his body sticking out of the top. He appeared as a ten year old boy that was covered in black shiny latex. Although he was obviously working for the dark side, he did not seem menacing or destructive. I asked him why he was here and he told me that, ‘I’m doing my job.’ I told him that he could not stay anymore and he flew through the wall and never returned.

“This was a major learning point for me. It introduced me to the concept that dark spirits do not interact with us arbitrarily. It is their job to be assigned to interact with us to serve a higher purpose. In the case of this poltergeist, the woman may have had to experience something demonstrably outside of our physical reality to wake her up, and get her to think about matters of spirit. I had been talking with my secretary about consciousness raising subjects, and perhaps this poltergeist demonstration was arranged so that she would have more faith in the things I was trying to tell her. For me, that poltergeist experience did more to enlighten me to the true nature of the relationship between the Dark and the Light than any book I could have read. Think about it, one dark entity is assigned to do a little mischief, and the end result is three people directly realizing a positive benefit.”

What to expect from an initial energy clearing and spirit release/removal.

In the majority of cases dealing with human spirits, an initial clearing will be all that is required.

In rare cases, a follow up clearing is required to permanently remove dark/aggressive human spirits from a home.