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Soul Retrieval

We have all lost parts of our soul because of events too painful and traumatic to deal with.

These events were too overwhelming to handle, so we covered them over, burying them so deeply in darkness that we cannot recall the causes of the loss or indeed that we are missing parts of our soul.

Until we can deal with this hidden trauma, we tend to unknowingly keep repeating it by things we do over and over in an instinctive attempt to try to deal with it.

For example, repeatedly entering into similar dysfunctional relationships and other life choices.
Or by being afraid to deal with certain situations without understanding why we fear them.
We may just have a general feeling that we are “messed up,” and cannot seem to figure out why.

Our fears can hold us back from being the best we can be.

In a client that was going through a major spiritual transition, Paul saw a part of his energy that was represented as a minor league professional baseball player.

He had always been in the minor leagues playing in the same stadium. He was in his uniform walking around the field. All his teammates were already gone. There was nobody in the stands and he seemed confused as to where everybody had gone.

He wandered around the field until nightfall and the lights in each section of the stadium started going out in succession until everything was dark.

There was a Major League ballpark and a position on the team waiting for him just across the parking lot, but he seemed oblivious to that.

This was a metaphor for an unhealthy attachment to what he had known/had all his life and a fear of changing things, even though the changes would be a big improvement. Healing this part of his energy was a necessary step in helping him accept the changes that were occurring in his life.

Soul loss may come about from trauma in our current life but also may stem from loss carried over from a previous life.

One client that Paul worked on was a young woman who maintained emotional distance to her loved ones.  Paul found that in a previous life, she had been a farmer’s wife in the 1800’s.

She discovered her husband and her two young children brutally murdered in the fields one day as she brought food out to them. She carried the fear of forming attachments from that trauma into this life.

She was afraid to allow herself to fully love her family because she still carried in her subconscious the fear of the pain of losing those that she loved.

The missing parts of our soul contain poisonous substances: the stuff of what caused the loss, and was never resolved.

These missing parts continue to draw our psychic life energies from us, draining energy that would otherwise be available to live spiritually fuller lives.
That is why this poison is also called The Shadow.


You cannot access or know about what you lost because you hid it from yourself, so you need another person to help you with that.

A shaman can help you by retrieving the missing parts of your soul and healing what caused the loss.
This allows you to deal with the damage to the rest of your soul and to your life that have resulted from this loss.

The term “shaman” means “one who sees in the dark.”

Shamans have the ability to make spirit journeys, speak to a person’s higher self, and see parts of souls that have been lost and locked away.
Shamans return the missing parts of souls to the people they journey for, and explain what caused the soul loss.
This brings healing to these souls and more clarity to deal with life.

Shamans can also see and interact with clients’ auras and subtle energy bodies, in order to clear and remove harmful energies.
(see Aura Cleansing & Chakra Tuning)


Paul conducts a Soul Retrieval session remotely by connecting with his higher consciousness and traveling to your location in the astral plane.

Once there, he performs aura cleansing and chakra tuning.

Then he scans the energy in your heart (the seat of the soul) and finds the parts of your energy that need healing.
He brings along with him your higher self and reintegrates the healed parts back into the whole again.
Paul usually finds three to five fractured soul parts in a single session.

If the damage is great, or in many layered occurrences throughout a life, the healing of soul retrieval may need to be done in several sessions to allow the person undergoing the healing to process and integrate each layer spiritually and psychologically, as each layer is revealed.

This process of integration and of spiritual and psychological growth is also called Soul Alchemy, because it is a process of transformation.
Alchemy is the art and science of transformation.
(see Soul Alchemy)

As part of the Soul Retrieval session, Paul also checks the current state of mind.
He fills the mind with positive energy and aligns it with the energy of the person’s higher consciousness.

Some people will feel profoundly better as a result of a Soul Retrieval and feel as though they can do things that they have never done before or not done for a long time (this refers to renewed emotional capacity, not physical capacity).
Not everyone will feel profoundly different.

What this procedure does is restore an optimal state of integration of your soul energy/consciousness. What optimal will feel like for a given individual is subject to their karma and other dynamics.