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Aura Cleansing and Chakra Tuning

Auras are the subtle energy fields around all living things. Your aura’s color and condition reflect your physical and emotional health: your aura is to your energy what your physical immune system is to your body.

A strong and healthy aura helps protect you from undesirable energies and maintain a balanced emotional state.

White Light House Healing
Chakras are subtle energy centers found in the bodies of all living humans and animals.  In many systems of understanding these energy centers, they are numbered as seven, from the crown chakra to the base (root) chakra.

Spiritual and bodily health require that chakras be well-energized and in balance or alignment: that no chakra is too weak or over-energized.

Damage to one or more chakras needs to be corrected for good spiritual and physical health.

Energy Health

For a normal individual, there are many factors that can contribute to polluting and damaging your aura and being unbalancing and/or draining to your chakras.

Being in places or around people with low vibrations/bad energy can drain you and/or taint your energy.

In some cases, a dark entity or person practicing dark arts can purposely invade your aura and chakras and place energies there that can cause a host of physical and /or emotional problems.

Some factors that affect the energy in your aura and chakras are internal to the person.

How someone deals with stress and trauma is important.
If a person gets angry or often stressed, deeply and for long periods, this can cause negative energy to collect in their aura and also to unbalance their chakras.

People who have experienced major traumas can develop emotional “scars” within the aura. Whatever the sources, carrying around energetic “sludge/baggage” in your energy field will keep you from feeling your optimal best and make you more susceptible to further compromises of your energy.

An aura cleansing and chakra tuning can clean out unwanted energies, restore vitality to a compromised aura, and properly energize and realign chakras.