• White Light House Healing

White Light House Healing

Lieutenant Colonel Paul Phillips, US Army (Ret), is an energy healer and spiritual house whisperer, a medium who facilitates spirit-release, and shaman who performs soul retrieval.

Paul does not physically need to be at your location, and distance is irrelevant to energy work, which is done in the astral plane while in a meditative state.
He is also available, by arrangement, to do on-location work in his local area.

White Light House Healing provides a variety of services, from healing energies of people and places, to dealing with both human and non-human entities, and also performing the services of a medium and shaman.

  • clearing and healing of the spaces in homes and properties
  • personal aura cleansing and chakra tuning (recharging and alignment)
  • soul retrieval: healing of fractured soul parts (soul alchemy)
  • spirit release: entity (ghost) removal and/or crossing over
  • exorcism

Locations can build up, and hold, negative energies or spirits.

When Divine Light is brought into these spaces, it raises the vibration and displaces negative feelings/vibrations that may have accumulated. In other words, the living space will feel better. Many of Paul’s clients have commented that after his clearing they were able to occupy rooms of the house that had been uncomfortable to be in previously.

Businesses and workplaces can also benefit from clearing and healing.
The service White Light House Healing provides is a very cost effective way for an individual or realtor to maximize their opportunity to sell a property.

People spend thousands of dollars repairing their homes and making them look their best for sale. Most people don’t consider that prospective buyers are generally looking at several equivalent properties, and all else being equal, they will purchase the one that feels the best to them.

(see Clearing and Healing Spaces)

Have a personal energy clearing with aura cleansing and chakra tuning.

For a normal individual, there are many factors that can contribute to polluting and damaging your aura, and also to be unbalancing and/or draining to your chakras.

An aura cleansing and chakra tuning can clean out unwanted energies, restore vitality to a compromised aura, and properly energize and realign chakras.
(see Aura Cleansing and Chakra Tuning)

Soul retrieval assists you with spiritual transformation.

The work of a shaman is to find and heal fractured soul parts.
You cannot access or know about what you lost because you hid it from yourself, so you need another person to help you with that.

This allows you to deal with the damage to the rest of your soul and to your life that have resulted from this loss.
If the damage is great, or in many-layered occurrences throughout a life, the healing of soul retrieval may need to be done in several sessions to allow the person undergoing the healing to process and integrate each layer spiritually and psychologically, as each layer is revealed.

(see Soul Retrieval)  (see Soul Alchemy)

Their activities can range from being subtle in nature, to annoying and sometimes menacing and threatening.

Some spirits need assistance to move on into the light. Others don’t want to leave willingly and require intervention to be sent on.

(see Spirit Removal)

In the worst cases, an individual can experience a full spiritual possession.

(see Exorcism)