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Does Paul’s work have limitations?

Yes. What limits him is group and personal karma.

He can only intervene in karma if he is given permission to do so, and it is in concert with the will of the Universe/the Divine.

What this means is, if you contract with him to do something that affects you directly, then chances are that you have completed some lesson, and Paul will have the support of the Universe/the Divine in carrying out the task.

Examples of services are that might be arranged for are: Clearing and Healing of Spaces, Aura Cleansing/Chakra Tuning, Soul Retrieval, Entity Clearing.

Can you can arrange for services on someone’s behalf?

Yes, if you have a direct karmic interest / link with that person.
In that case, you have what would be called “karmic authority.”


  • Parents can have work done on their children.
  • Children can have work done for their elderly parent.
  • Close friends that have a deep relationship to a person.
  • An office worker can ask for help within their office situation.

BE AWARE: White Light House Healing will not conduct its services on someone that does not have a direct link with you, without their knowledge and permission.

What is “karmic authority”?

As long as you have a significant karmic authority, as in examples listed above, to help the affected person, the work may benefit them without their knowledge and permission. For each individual case, Paul will need to first discuss the specifics of the situation.

For each individual case, Paul will need to first discuss the specifics of the situation.


The first thing Paul determines is whether the impacted person is aware of the problem, and is willing and capable of working with him to resolve it. Once Paul determines that the affected person would not be able to work on resolving the entity attachment, he then determines if the person contacting him on their behalf has an adequate karmic
authority to work with Paul to resolve the problem.


A parent contacting Paul to help their young child:

These cases work very well, because the child is incapable of resolving the attachment directly with Paul, and the parent’s intent to help is based solely out of love and concern for their child.

In a case like this, the parent has the karmic authority to help the child.

An adult child contacting Paul to aid their parent:

The parent may be incapacitated in some way, and/or not able to understand or help with their problem situation. The adult child’s intent to help is based solely out of love and concern for their parent.  In a case like this, the adult child has the karmic authority to help a parent.


Karmic authority is not restricted to family connection.

A good friend can have karmic authority for someone, as long as they have the higher good of the affected person at heart, and not their own benefit.

There are friends that the Universe/the Divine have brought together, and not by accident.

In these cases, the helper-friend feels they have an “assignment” to aid their friend, that is very much in need of help.

In a case like this, the helper-friend has the karmic authority to help their friend in need.

Examples of NO karmic authority being present in a situation.

Examples where you would NOT have karmic authority:

  • If your neighbor is annoying, and you want Paul to work on them, so they will be nicer to you.
  • An adult child is making life decisions they feel are right for them, but you don’t approve, and you want to force them to change their life path.

These are cases where you want to affect the life, the karma, and personality of another person, against their will, without permission. And it is to benefit yourself, not them. Therefore, you have no karmic authority in such situations.

Group karma can come into play in an office setting.

Paul has successfully cleared a floor in the building that he worked in, while stationed in Hawaii. There was a noticeable change in the atmosphere and tensions that had been brewing among workers dissipated.

This clearing worked because it directly affected Paul, and because there were several other employees there that benefitted spiritually by witnessing this demonstration.

If he had no connection to this office, and no one from that group asked for the clearing, it probably would not be effective.

Here is an example of personal karma from an actual situation.

A man from Richmond, Virginia, left a message on Paul’s phone in which he sounded quite frightened and exasperated by banging, voices and apparitions in his home. At the end his message, there was several seconds of strange sounds, and a menacing male voice, that said, “Don’t talk…goodbye.”

This voice was a very aggressive spirit, that was expressing to Paul that he didn’t want him to intervene. Paul was very surprised when he spoke to the man the next day, and was told that he didn’t want Paul to do anything after all.

Obviously, the spirit in his home was powerful enough not only to warn-off Paul over the phone, but also to influence this man’s will.

Several people, who were allowed to hear the message, implored Paul to help this man. They were concerned about his welfare and this spirit’s control over him.

If Paul had attempted to help this man without his consent and knowledge, it would interfere with the man’s karmic lesson.

And therefore, Paul’s actions wouldn’t affect the man’s situation, meaning: nothing would change for that man.