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Definitions and Topics


The Universal process of growth/evolution of our conscious being. We are all spirits evolving through the process of ascension whether we are aware of it or not.
(See Spiritual Ascension Process topic section below.)


The subtle energy field around all living things. The color and condition of our aura reflect our physical and emotional health.


These are subtle energy centers found in the bodies of all living humans and animals.

In most systems of understanding these energy centers, they are numbered as seven. From the crown chakra to the base (root) chakra.

Spiritual and bodily health require that chakras be well energized and in balance: that no chakra is too weak or over energized. Damage to one or more chakras needs to be corrected for good spiritual and physical health.


A cord is an energetic link from another person or entity that attaches to your aura and body. It can draw energy from a person, influence or control behavior, and even cause illness.

The thicker the cord, the stronger the effect.

Humans can cord into another person’s energy by emotional attachment and sometimes do so purposely to cause injury.
Dark entities can cord onto/into humans to do harm and/or control them.

A practitioner such as a medium or shaman can cut these cords to free the affected person from their effects. Individuals can also be taught to do this for themselves.


Earth spirits are entities associated with nature. They have their own agendas concerning their own existence and are “neutral” in that they are neither inherently Dark nor Light.

There are a variety of these types of spirits, but elementals seem to be of more concern to humans. When damage is done to the earth, for example a forested area is cleared, the elementals that are connected to these places are deeply harmed by this.

People living in homes in the affected areas may believe they have a ghost or poltergeist present when it is actually an elemental expressing its pain and anger over the great injury and loss it has experienced.


A being outside the physical dimension that is a conscious, non-human spirit. There are Light entities and Dark entities, as well as some that are neutral (see “earth spirits” above, as an example).


An exorcist is able to assist one in creating the conditions required to resolve an entity attachment.
Note: The person needing the services of an exorcist must also be prepared to work on their own spiritual development, to maintain their spiritual well-being going forward.


The Universal law of balance. Souls must have a requisite balance of good/bad experiences to obtain enlightenment/wholeness.


This is a person who is able to interact and communicate with spirits.


Literally translated as “noisy ghost.” They are a non-human entity that generally doesn’t cause any real harm. They serve to demonstrate to the observer that there is consciousness outside the physical dimension to become aware of and consider.



All of the above terms refer to assisting the spirit of a deceased person (or pet) to go on to the next level of existence, and no longer be bound to the earthly plane. This is often described as “going into the light”.

A person’s spirit may be “stuck” in some fashion and unable to do this for themselves. It is not unusual for a person to be unaware that they had passed away, and confused as to how to move on.

The term “psychopomp” refers to a person or spirit guide that performs the service of “crossing over” the spirit of a person (or pet).

Various spiritual paths and systems describe the same processes of spiritual growth but use different terms for the processes.

Below are several of the widely recognized systems:


The term “shaman” means “one who sees in the dark”.

Shamans have the ability to make spirit journeys, speak to a person’s higher self, and see parts of souls that have been lost and locked away.

Shamans return the missing parts of souls to the people they journey for.

This brings healing to these souls and more clarity to deal with life.

Shamans can also see and interact with clients’ auras and subtle energy bodies, in order to clear and remove harmful energies.


We have all lost parts of our soul because of events too painful and traumatic to deal with.
These events were too overwhelming to handle, so we and covered them over, burying them so deeply in the darkness that we cannot recall the causes of the loss or indeed that we are missing parts of our soul.

Until we can deal with this hidden trauma, we tend to unknowingly keep repeating it by things we do over and over in an instinctive attempt to try to deal with it.

For example, repeatedly entering into similar dysfunctional relationships and other life choices.
Or by being afraid to deal with certain situations without understanding why we fear them.
We may just have a general feeling that we are “messed up,” and cannot seem to figure out why.

The missing parts of our soul contain poisonous substances: the stuff of what caused the loss.
But these missing parts continue to draw our psychic life energies from us.
That is why this poison is also called The Shadow.

Since you cannot access or know about what you lost, you need another person to help you with that.
A shaman can help you by retrieving the missing parts of your soul and healing what caused the loss.
This allows you to deal with the damage to the rest of your soul and to your life that had resulted from this loss.

If the damage is great, or in many-layered occurrences throughout life, the healing of soul retrieval may need to be done in several sessions to allow the person undergoing the healing to process and integrate each layer spiritually and psychologically, as each layer is revealed.
(See Soul Alchemy, below.)



Click here for a printable PDF with a detailed description of this process.)

Soul alchemy takes place when the person receiving soul retrieval then grows and transforms spiritually as a result of this.
A successful spiritual transformation requires that this person works at achieving this goal.
Among the practices needed are: being open, being introspective, and using meditation.

Alchemy is the art and science of transformation.

The general public usually associates the term “alchemy” with the idea of turning base metals into gold. But the alchemists were actually looking to find perfection not only in material substances (and the body), but also in the mind and spirit.
Soul Alchemy is about transforming the spirit, which of course means dealing with our mental state as well.
Alchemists used not only physical materials but also worked with soul and spirit, and practiced a number of meditation techniques along with their laboratory work.
Meditation was a pivotal part of their work.


1. For a transformation to be complete and lasting, it must take place simultaneously on all three levels of reality:

  • the physical level
  • the mental level
  • the spiritual level

2. If there is a hidden contaminating Shadow substance, the processes of transformation cannot have a successful conclusion.

(See Soul Retrieval: soul retrieval reveals and heals the hidden contamination in our souls by uncovering and dealing with the hidden and lost parts of our soul.)



We are all conscious spirits who are currently having a human experience. When we come into a physical incarnation, most of our connection to who we truly are in spirit is subdued so that we can focus on our human identity and experiences.

We all must experience things from all perspectives to fully know ourselves. Over the course of numerous lifetimes, we must experience the light within us, the darkness, and every shade of grey in between. From the perspective of spirit, everything we do and experience, good and bad, is equally valid and a necessary component to balancing our Karma and knowing ourselves completely.

As we progress through our experiences/lessons, we are continually evolving and raising our level of consciousness.

There are many levels/layers of consciousness to ascend through to balance our Karma and it takes numerous lifetimes to complete. In Ascension terms, the levels are called Spiritual Initiation Levels. We pass through many (if not most) of the minor layers without being aware of the growth that has occurred.

The closer we get to balancing our Karma (reaching enlightenment), the more aware we become and when someone is moving through a major level of change, there is a profound transition experienced. Our human will/ego experiences great distress during these transition periods as our spirit/higher consciousness exerts a greater role in our life. The ego sees this as a threat to itself, resulting in inner turmoil and conflict.

People going through such a transition can refer to it as the death of the ego or Dark Night of the Soul.

People going through this experience great emotional and mental anguish and often say that they feel like they are dying. This is not a physical death, but spiritual death. All the pain experienced comes from our ego that desperately needs to feel like it is in charge and in control of our life.

The ego clings to power tenaciously as if it were stuck on with crazy glue. It requires intense pressure to make it loosen its hold. Humans by nature cannot overcome this hold without a profound external catalyst pushing the issue. This is the case with the clients that contact Paul with an entity attachment. The entity is there to push this person through a major level of consciousness growth.

Much like the engine oil light blinking on your car’s dashboard, an entity attachment serves as the Universe’s way of indicating that there is something that needs to be looked at and addressed/taken care of before you can make the light stop blinking.

It would be useful for anyone going through the Dark Night of the Soul to familiarize yourself with the process called Soul Alchemy as it will provide a greater understanding of what you are experiencing and why. You would also benefit from researching the Spiritual Ascension Process and Spiritual Initiation Levels.