• White Light House Healing

Clearing and Healing Spaces

Energies in spaces and structures.

We live and work in spaces and structures. And we notice “atmospheres”, or vibes, of places

For example, walking through a door into a room/structure, we can often sense a feeling of “welcome”. Or conversely, we may sense a feeling of not being welcome: a feeling that something is not right, and that we need to exit that location. We just don’t want to stay there.

What we are feeling is the energy of that location.

Locations that have been filled with positive, spiritually/mentally healthy, loving people and activities make people want to stay there, or come back soon to visit. Because the energy there is positive: the energy of warmth, protection, happiness, and of a kind of sense of being “clean”

But locations that have not had this kind of activity and energy, will have the opposite energy feeling: sadness, uneasiness, and a feeling we want to leave that place. Perhaps cold personalities have frequented that space. Or negative ideas and speech, arguments, unkind behavior, or even dangerous and violent activities have happened there.

It could simply be that the energy there just needs to be swept with Light, to clear out the old stale energy that is left over from life/activities that left unpleasant feelings.

Any negative event or emotion emits energy into the surrounding environment.

Over time, this energy can accumulate in a house and make the atmosphere feel heavy, dark and uncomfortable.

There are several benefits to having the energy of your house cleared, even if you aren’t hosting spirit entities.

The Light Paul brings into the space raises the vibration of the energies present, and displaces negative feelings/vibrations that may have accumulated. In other words, the living space will feel better: lighter, healthier, and more inviting.

Many clients have commented that after a clearing (cleansing), they were able to occupy rooms of the house that had been uncomfortable to be in previously. Many clients say that the Light has had a positive effect on them physically, such as sleeping better, a reduction in headaches, and one believes that she was cured instantly of a flu-type virus, on the spot.

What advantage is there to using White Light House Healing?

Paul does not physically need to be at your location, and distance is irrelevant. This means that you don’t have to schedule a time when we are mutually available. If you are anxious to have it done quickly, that can be easily. arranged and completed, regardless of how far away you live from Paul.

When Divine Light is brought into these spaces, it raises the vibration of the energies present, and displaces negative feelings/vibrations that may have accumulated. White Light cleanses and “burns away” negative energy. The living space will feel lighter, fresher, and more inviting.

To complete the cleansing, Paul expands the White Light to encompass the entire property.

He then continues with his Clearing and Healing protocol process by:

  • using Green Light, for healing.
  • followed by Golden Light, which promotes happiness and joy.