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For a discussion of human spirits (ghosts) versus demonic activity see : Spirit Removal

Resolving of demonic influence or a possessing spirit is a personal healing and clearing.

Clients considering doing a complete session intending to resolve an entity attachment must read this entire page.
Once Paul does the work you will not be refunded, so you need to familiarize yourself with his approach, methodology and expectations post session.
If you have any concerns or don’t resonate with what he is saying to expect, then don’t commit to doing a session.

Many people have a Hollywood understanding of what exorcism is and what it does. Their primary expectation is that the entity will be removed instantly and permanently. This is naturally what everyone with a disturbing entity attachment would like to experience, but in 99% of cases this is not a realistic outcome from a single session.

There are many different cultures that have their version of an exorcist.
They are coming from different religions and belief sets, so naturally they all have differing methodology, protocols and procedures. The one thing in common is they are all working to help someone resolve a spirit/demonic attachment.

Paul defines exorcism as creating the conditions for resolving a demonic attachment/influence from a person. He has learned through his experiences with numerous clients that demonic influences serve different purposes for different people depending on the level of consciousness at which they are operating.

Many of his clients have tried other methods or spiritual practitioners, and failed to remove the influence.
Paul has consistently found that the clients that come to him are highly evolved souls and the demonic influence is in place to prompt that person to develop their spiritual nature and energy.

Many exorcism methods focus on pushing the entity away, not on addressing the purpose the Universe has in allowing it to be there. The Universe is challenging these affected souls to go through a process of self discovery.

Paul can teach you to meditate, use your own Light, and guide you on your individual spiritual path. He empowers you to realize the abilities within yourself that ultimately resolve the demonic influence. 99% of resolving a problem is knowing precisely what the problem is so you can focus your energy and effort.

Paul uses the analogy of a complex jigsaw puzzle.
If you have only have half the pieces, and the ones you have are blank, and you don’t have the picture on the box as a guide: then your task is very difficult.

Paul explains what you are dealing with, why you are dealing with it, and what needs to be done.
It is like providing you with the rest of the puzzle pieces, adding color to them, and most importantly: revealing the picture on the box.

Once Paul teaches you active measures to use your own Light, it is only a matter of time before you will be able to dissolve the attachment permanently after you have raised your vibration sufficiently. If you carry out Paul’s guidance diligently, many cases can be resolved without an additional session with Paul.

Demonic Attachments.

Demonic attachments manifest in many different ways and each case Paul works is unique.

One thing that is common with demonic cases is that if the demon allows you to perceive it by voice or sight, it can trick you into believing that it is a human spirit.
This strategy allows them to operate longer without scaring the person into seeking help.

Experiences range on a continuum, from a general uncomfortable feeling that something is not right, all the way to:

  • extreme energy attacks, distress, exhaustion
  • telepathic harassment with voices and disturbing visions
  • feelings of being energy-drained, mood swings toward negativity or anger
  • physical attacks, trouble sleeping
  • digestive issues, unexplained pains or illness
  • unexplained or disruptive physical manifestations, etc.

There is often an emphasis on controlling the personality of one or more family members.
When Paul assesses a case in the astral, he can see cords of dark energy attached to the family members’ auras.
These cords enable the demon to have a stronger influence on the health and behavior of an individual. In other cases, no one else in the family is aware or affected.
This tends to make the client feel isolated, and sometimes be accused of imagining things, or going crazy.

Case examples.

One case was a couple who had been trying to sell their home for a year because they really wanted to move. Each time they showed the house, mysterious things would manifest. One time a smoke alarm flew off the wall at the heads of the prospective buyers. Another time, a huge ant mound and snakes appeared directly out the back door and disappeared the next day. The demons were effectively keeping them from selling the house. It took several months for the owners to develop them-selves enough and three sessions with Paul, but they attained their goal and got to move.

Paul worked an attachment case for a man in Malaysia. This was a unique case because Paul and the client never heard each other’s voices; all communications were done by email.
(NOTE: Paul DOES NOT usually do sessions of this type via email only, because it is far too labor intensive and inefficient. This was the only exception for this type of session he has made, because in 2010, the client didn’t have a sufficient internet connection to support Skype.)

The teenage son had been diagnosed over the years with A.D.D. (Attention Deficit Disorder) and personality/behavioral disorders. Several manifestations began occurring in the home that led the man to contact Paul.

There were putrid odors all through the house.
His motion detector outside the front door went off incessantly with no visible cause.
Several times the man woke up in bed being choked and held down by a dark vaporous being.
One night he woke up and heard clawing sounds from a closed cardboard box. As he approached the box, it opened by itself to reveal nothing inside.
During the final choking incident prior to contacting Paul, he saw his son standing in the doorway, watching the entity choke his father, and doing nothing to help him. This made the man realize that his son’s behavior issues were much deeper than just medical disorders.

At one point while Paul worked with this man, the father reported that the son (who doesn’t drive) took a family car and drove it two blocks away and smashed into the back of another car. After the incident, the son had no recollection of what he had done.

After Paul did an initial clearing, and cutting of cords off the son, the father reported that the son was “knocked out” and slept for most of three days. This indicated how dependent the boy had become on the demon’s energy.

Paul taught the father meditation and techniques for sending his son energy and Light. After three months, the father was capable of conditioning the energy in the home to the point that he was able to clear the demon.

The father still had plenty of work to do to help his son. After nearly twelve years of dependence on the demon’s energy and “help,” the son had developed emotional and psychological dependencies as well. Paul was able to coach the father to exercise patience and love while his son was recovering his true personality and energy.

What to expect from an initial energy clearing and exorcism session.

If you are coordinating to do a session with Paul you may experience trouble with your email, telephone, or in rare cases your very thoughts can be influenced.
If you experience this kind of interference, it can be a positive sign. This should be a validation to you that you are contacting someone that can threaten this demon’s activities.

During a session:

  • Paul contacts you, and has you lay down to do the energy work.
  • He gets off the line to focus on the work, and contacts you again in 30 minutes, to go over everything he did, and experienced in your energy.
  • If there is a cord into your energy from the demon, he cuts it.
  • He cleans out your aura of any energies he is drawn to that don’t belong there.

Personalized guidance, from information obtained during Paul’s astral inspection:

  • Paul is also presented with images (or scenes) at chakra points, that serve to provide the personalized guidance that you will need to resolve the attachment.
  • Paul brings in your higher self, for the purpose of soul retrieval work.

In soul retrieval, your higher self guides Paul, to see several areas of traumatized energy, from situations you experienced in this life, and sometimes from a past life.
(see Soul Retrieval)

During the discussion after the energy work, Paul goes over everything seen in your aura and provides interpretation and analysis.

He also goes over meditation guidance, the basic instructions he has emailed to you, prior to the session.

All of this teaches you everything you need to know, to strengthen your energy and weaken the demon’s energy and influence.

When Paul conducts the initial exorcism session with you, the demonic reaction varies from case to case. Sometimes the activity is subdued substantially or completely for a period of time.

Most of the time, the demon stays, and changes its behavior pattern and frequency abruptly, which demonstrates that it is reacting to the threat to its activity. Either way, you are likely to discern a definite change.

At the end of the session the attachment will still exist.
The client will be stronger and the entity will be weaker.
The more sincerely and diligently the client carries out the guidance that Paul provides, the more quickly they can achieve a complete resolution of the attachment. As you get stronger, the attachment gets weaker until it is over.

How long this takes is based on the client’s karma. Most clients can see the difference they are making in their energy within a short time and that motivates them to have more confidence that they are actively controlling and improving their situation.

In short, those who are willing to follow the guidance and work on their energy are very successful. Paul does his best to identify prospective clients that seem to be seeking a quick fix not open to doing the work on their energy. He advises them to work with another healer.